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Redcon1 MRE

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Redcon1 MRE is the ultimate meal replacement. 25 Servings. Real Whole Food. Contains No Whey. The Objective: The Most Important Fuel You Can Give Your Body Is Real Food, Especially Whole Foods. To Give Your Body The Best Fuel Possible, We Created M.R.E. In The Military, MRES Are Rations To Give Soldiers The Nutrients They Need To Survive On A Mission. With M.R.E. We Have Given You The Fuel You Need To Repair And Recover Muscle Tissue Form The Best Possible Whole Food Sources. Stop Reaching For Fast Food And Reach For Whole Foods With M.R.E.


MRE Suggested Use: Take (1) Serving Mixed With 14-16 Ounces of Water or Favorite Beverage At Least Once Per Day. For Maximum Results, Take (1) Serving Immediately Post Workout And (1) Serving Anytime Throughout The Day To Add An Additional Meal.

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