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Training Children

Is it O.K. to weight train your child?  I see it all the time in the gym.  I seen it when I lived in Wisconsin, and I see it here in Utah.  Parents bringing their kids to the gym and having them lifting weights.  We aren't talking about 15+ year old kids either.  I'm talking about 8-12 year olds. It always seem like the kids are perfectly fine health wise as well.  No signs of obesity or anything like that.  I think it is just the parents trying to groom the next Bryce Harper or Olympic gymnast.  I personally feel like this is not acceptable.  I know there are a lot of different opinions about this, but what are the positives?  Odds are you are going to end up doing more bad than good.  Parents are probably going to push their child away, make them less interested in weights or maybe even sports.  Not every kid is meant to be an athlete.  If you want to help, take them outside and do something fun.  Weight training feels more like work, not play.

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