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Feel good about Gold???

So I'm not a huge Olympic follower, but I'll turn in on for some background noise once in awhile.  I couldn't help but voice my opinion on the sprinter that dove across the finish line to win the gold medal.  Now some people might think I'm being salty because it helped her beat an American athlete, but that's not the case at all.  I'd have the same opinion if an American athlete did this.  I understand it is "within the rules", but lets be honest, how many times do you actually see this happen?  This is the first time I'd actually seen it.  Can you really feel good about winning a gold medal after doing something like this?  No one knew she was going to do it.  If anyone else saw it coming, they would have done it too  This is a rule I feel needs to be changed.  You should not be allowed to leave your feet prior to crossing the finish line.  I'll put an asterisk next to this one.

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