First post – What-Supplement
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First post

Welcome to What-Supplement.  In our blog posts we plan on touching on a little bit of everything.  We will post about supplements, gym etiquette, or just whatever is on our minds.  I am going to apologize up front if we use any language that is offensive, but sometimes the best word to be used is a cuss word.  We will try and keep them to a minimum. 

We also want your opinions.  We would like you to go to our Facebook page and leave comments.  Tell us what we need to do better, what we should talk about in our blogs, or what-supps you would like to see us sell. 

Also, to any start-up supplement manufacturers, feel free to get ahold of us and lets talk about selling your products on our website.  Lets help each other grow. 

We are looking forward to having a lot of fun with the blog posts.  We will do our best to not be offensive, but we understand you can't appeal to everyone.  As I mentioned above, never hesitate to post something on our Facebook page, good or bad.  We embrace the criticism, and it will only make us better. 


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